Histopia Multi-Chain Testnet Campaign (More than 5000$ worth of ERA as reward💰- 3 Million ERA token)

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We are all aware of the latest PoW->PoS transition by Ethereum, now it’s time to test the concept of PoM(proof of military) at the core of Histopia World. But without the support of our cross-chain Community, we are not able to show everyone how powerful this consensus method is. Join Histopia and Mint your Histopian now and send them to Fountain of ERA so they fight for your share.

Fountain of ERA is now live on testnet👑 6 planets and 1 FoE, it’s time to test Proof of Military

We are happy to announce Histopia testnet launch campaign. This testnet campaign will continue till our IDO launch. This campaign will be on 6 chains testnet( Ethereum, PolyGon, Binance Smart Chain, Aurora, Emerald Paratime on Oasis, Boba). The 5000$ ERA reward that you earn in the testnet phase will be airdroped to your mainnet account based on how much of the distributed $ERA of Fountain of ERA(FoE) you won. You can also bridge your $ERA tokens to other chains which will be announced a week after the testnet campaign started.

Distribution Formula

More than 3 Million $ERA token will be distributed through the Fountain of ERA protocol on testnet campaign. Every second the FoE will unlock 1 ERA and base on your military power of your Histopian NFT(s) you can loot ERA.

Every week the distribution rate of era will decrease by 20 percent, so the sooner you join the fight the more you will earn.

Mint Histopian

You can mint your first Histopian NFT for free and you will get your special Histopian, but if you want more Histopians, to have more military power you need to earn ERA by sending your first NFT to FoE, and pay 2500 ERA to mint another Histopian.

Multi Planet

Each planet is represented by a blockchain, also there is a faucet that you can use on each chain so don’t worry if it’s your first time on that chain. You can choose between our six chain partners. You can also bridge your earned ERA token between each chain through our bridge protocol.

Full demo of platform

Step-by-step Tutorial of Fountain of ERA

First you need to open the website and enter your village by connecting your metamask wallet and choosing your preferred chain, don’t worry you can have Histopians on different Planet(Chain).

Choose your preferred Chain

Give your sign so you can login to FoE

You can use the faucet on the header of the dashboard

Get your free native token of that chain(this will be only used for network fee). You can use it once per day

Mint a new Histopian NFT(if it’s your first time it will be free)

First you need to join our social media

Then you need to tweet a text and mention us. Click on tweet button

Tweet the given text

After your tweet is sent, copy the tweet link in this format(https://twitter.com/Histopia_io/status/1560609858809868289)

paste your tweet here and verify your tweet in a few seconds

Now it’s time to mint your NFT by clicking on recruit and sign the transaction

wait for transaction confirmation

Congratulations you have your first Histopian. Now you can customize it by clicking on Create Character

Customize and click on finish when you are done

You can check out your Histopian characteristics and details.

Now click on Go To War

Now you can see your Histopian, choose them and send them to war

Follow the steps and send your NFT to war

Now you can check the FoE stats and your stats, Also you can click on Loot Era and earn your share

We recommend you to wait and collect them when you have enough ERA to buy another Histopian(2500 ERA).

Don’t forget to play and walk around Histopia World

click on Start Playing after you choose your Histopian



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